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Preserving Your Legacy

Real stories about real people. Read about their adventures, disappointments, triumphs, and how they may have contributed to the history of mankind. Artists have been invited to share their stories, as told, through their artwork. In preserving their legacy, they are able to share their experiences with you.

Now available for purchase - Passing on the Spirit and Winston Churchill's Bodyguard. Click on title to go to Webstore to purchase books or see banner ad for specific book and click on ad.

Passing on the Spirit, Celebrating Eccentric Mentors
by Bill Cane

Bill has always had an eye out for exceptional characters. "In the present moment," he says, "when the center cannot hold, we need to look to the fringes - to rebels, curmudgeons, saints and eccentrics - for wisdom and inspiration." In Passing on the Spirit, Bill recounts his experience with "spiritual ancestors" who provide the key to a hopeful future.

From the Foreword: "This book is a work of gratitude to men who changed my life. They range from Manuel Semas, a dowser with a third-grade education to Gregory Bateson, a brilliant scientist. None of them were my official teachers or gurus. I simply encountered them in the course of my life. At the time I hardly realized how profoundly they were influencing me, and I had no idea that they were to become my spiritual ancestors. Most of them are dead now, so I cannot thank them directly, but I can tell their stories. If in so doing, I help pass their spirit on to others, I will be deeply grateful.

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Winston Churchill's Bodyguard, The Teheran Conference 1943 by Danny Mander

This MultiMedia story debuted on Veterans Day 11/11/2002. This story is meant to be read and enjoyed on your computer. Composer Gary Thomas has created 4 musical arrangements to set the mood for certain sections of the story. Videographer Kym Hoffschildt, Audio Engineer Gopher Gold, Photojournalist A. Dennis Gaxiola and Graphic Artist Janet Martinez and a host of publishing professionals have contributed to the telling of this story. This first edition is destined to become a collector's item.

Danny Mander recounts the events of World War II as he experienced them; The Battle of Britain, life on the Western Desert and The Teheran Conference. As Winston Churchill's Bodyguard, he had direct access to Winston Churchill and as part of his duties lifted Franklin D. Roosevelt from his limosine and into his wheelchair. He saved the life of General Voroshilov, the hero of the Battle of Stalingrad Russia and he helps unravel the mystery of the dropped sword presented to Josef Stalin by Winston Churchill.

Seafaring, by Frank Adamson

This MultiMedia story debuted on Veterans Day 11/11/2002. This story is meant to be read and enjoyed on your computer. Composer Diane Cash created the musical arrangement as the theme song for this story. Diane also composed the theme song for Alice titled "Loves Taken Me By Surprise."

The Call of the Sea -
A ripple that runs like wind on a harp - from beyond the beginning of time - the call of the sea stirs the heart and the soul of those who hear it - whether they live near the sea of far away from it.

Iowa is far from either of the great oceans that wash the Eastern and Western shores of the Americas. Neither the sounds nor the scents of the sea drift so far inland. Only written words and pictures in books were available to fuel the dreams of Frank Adamson, the young Quaker farm boy whose yearning to see the ocean prompted him to seek a summer of seafaring following his freshman year in college which began in September 1939 just after France and England had declared war on Germany when Hitler ignored their ultimatum to cease and desist.

It was June of 1940 when Frank Adamson left Iowa for New York. Although Hitler's armies were sweeping through France in hot pursuit of French and British forces seeking evacuation from the French beaches of Dunkirk, what was happening in Europe was only vaguely known in the American hinterland.

That it could radically affect the summer job plans of a 19 year old college student was unsuspected. That a summer of seafaring would extend for 6 years and two full circumnavigations of the globe was far beyond his wildest imagination, as were the critical events of World War II that he witnessed and was a part of, that shaped the direction of his life thereafter.

The U.S. Congress voted unanimously for legislation to create the Veterans History Project on October 27, 2000, through Public Law 106-380. Congress recognized the urgency of collecting wartime memories, which become more precious as the number of veterans dwindles by 1,500 every day. Congress also saw the value of engaging the American public in its own history. The legislation calls upon the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to collect and preserve audio and videotaped oral histories, along with documentary materials such as letters, diaries, maps, photographs and home movies, of America's war veterans and those who served in support of them.

The Pajaro Valley Veterans History Project is promoting a "Story Tellers" event on Veterans Day November 11, 2002. The "Story Tellers" are men and women who are Veterans and live in and around the Pajaro Valley in California. They will speak before a small audience and will be video recorded. Some of the footage will be included in a half hour documentary on Veteran's Stories for Public Access Television. A complete list of speakers and activities is still being formulated. To view this list and more details click on Veterans History Project.

Photojournalist A. Dennis Gaxiola, expert in his field, has consented to exhibit a collection of his photographs entitled "Latino Role Models", exclusively for MMPublishing. A biography for each photograph has been written by Richard Martinez. Mr. Martinez has graciously allowed MMPublishing to display a biography, in both English and Spanish, for each photograph in the exhibit. Exhibit courtesy of MMPublishing, available now, in the Galeria under Photojournalists.

Galeria Tonantzin, a gallery where women's art is featured and exhibited, is just one topic discussed with Jennifer Colby Ph.D., Jennifer teaches Cross Cultural Competency at California State University, Monterey Bay. Visit The Press Room and select Interviews-English. Available to you NOW courtesy of MMPublishing.
The first woman reporter to enter the Algerian underground during its struggle with the French government to gain its independence, a former Photojournalist for the New York Times, and a former United Nations World Affairs Speaker Kathryn DeGraff gives you a sneak preview of a collection of photographs to be used in her new book In Search of Amber. This collection courtesy of MMPublishing available soon in the Galeria under Photojournalists.
Artist exhibits are now showing in the Galeria. Enjoy "Handcarved Treasures" by Barbara Scoles exhibited and sold by an Illinois gallery. Ramona's Jewelry by Design currently displayed and available for purchase in a California gallery. Artwork created on a computer by Diane Cash has been featured by MMPublishing as online puzzles, see her exhibit titled "Fairies". This relaxing experience is brought to you by MMPublishing in the Galeria under Artists.
The Adrian Lopez story is published for the first time in spanish (Español). A 2001 high school graduate dreamed of attending Princeton University (recently named the top University in the country). Many told him not to waste his time, it would be impossible for him to be considered. In honor of his Spanish speaking parents MMPublishing is very proud to present the Adrian Lopez Story in Spanish, available NOW in the Press Room under Entrevistas-Español.
Eugene Longoria, a middle school teacher in Arizona, reveals his secrets for "Getting kids excited about writing." He recounts his own memories of his childhood and weaves them into his classroom discussions creating a unique and interesting teaching style. Available now in the Press Room under Interviews-English.
Alice, a real life story by Kathlyn Klindt and presented to you courtesy of MMPublishing as a multimedia publication. Alice is a touching story about two women an aunt and a niece, who touch each other's life through letters. Each impacted the other's life- one while she was growing up and one while she was growing old. Available NOW in the Press Room under MultiMedia-Stories.

Integrities, published quarterly since 1990. Prior to the launch of Integrities Online, it will make its EPublishing debut as a multimedia publication in the Press Room under MultiMedia-Other. Human rights issues, as they affect our freedom and that of people around the world, are openly discussed in this scholarly forum moderated by Bill Cane, Ph.D.
Education in America is always a hot topic of debate. Now this debate includes the inability of computers, in the classroom, to make a significant difference in learning as reflected by test scores. Frederick Bennett, Ph.D. says that computers are being used incorrectly and describes his solution in his book titled Computers as Tutors, Solving the Crisis in Education. Read the review of this fascinating and insightful book. Now available in Reviews under Book Reviews.




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