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The staff at MMPublishing would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new home of MMPublishing on the web. Thank you for coming, our home is open to all.


We've created an exhibit hall that we call the Galeria. The Galeria exhibits the work of artists in many fields. Exhibitor biographies are displayed in the Galeria prior to entering the exhibit, exhibitor interviews can be seen in the "Press Room".

Featured works for the month are advertised on the home page. New Featured works will be added throughout the month.

MultiMedia works can be accessed from the "Press Room". MMPublishing, a leader in MultiMedia Publishing publishes personal stories, professional articles, technical articles, editorials, collections, catalogs and stories for children. All categories are non-fiction. Each published work may include animated graphics, pictures, video, or audio. Additionally, each may be searchable and/or interactive. The cover for each published work is specifically designed for each work or series and may include original artwork, original photography, or stock photography. Material normally left on the edit room floor, by other publishers, is included as a sidebar or as a side story. This serves three purposes:

  • to create a different reading experience each time the "story" is read.
  • to clarify a statement or a fact.
  • to avoid leaving out pertinent information that can be used as research material.

Don't forget to visit "Reviews" to get reviews on various topics, currently book reviews are featured. Enjoy your visit, there is a lot to see.



A. Dennis Gaxiola
Kathryn Degraff

Ramona Bryant
Diane Cash
Barbara Scoles

Bill Cane, PhD
F. Bennett, PhD
Jennifer Colby, PhD
Eugene Longoria

Entrevista en

Adrian Lopez

Multi Media Story
Kathlyn Klindt


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