Ramona is currently displaying and selling her jewelry artwork at the Galeria Tonantzin in San Juan Bautista. She says that God has placed people in her path who have encouraged, supported and helped her to have the confidence in her God-given skills. Ramona says that her ancestry on her mother's side includes Native American. She enjoys creating a shape and then celebrates the piece. In celebrating the piece she expands "God created nature and everything in nature is beautiful. I feel privileged to access the beauty and aesthetics of natural stones that I incorporate into jewelry that complement women. Women are amazing creatures, I think of how the piece will enhance her beauty."

Ramona continues, "I give thanks for the skill bestowed upon me for this accomplishment and I acknowledge that is skill is not forever."

Welcome to the Galeria

This Exhibit displays the beauty of natural stones and the designer's goal to make the stones into a piece of jewelry that is complementary to women.


Click on the each framed piece of jewelry for a closeup view and description.

"Garland" Necklace

"Glamour" 3-Tier Choker/Earrings

"Fall Leaves" Lariat

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