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Introduction to the maquis
Algeria 1957

A Field Interview
Algeria 1957

Algerian women
Algeria 1962

Shampoo in the maquis
Algeria 1957

ALN on Parade in Tunisia
Tunisia 1957

Return of Saadi to Casbah
Algeria 1962

See part 2 of this exhibit with six more exciting photographs. Coming Soon.


Title: Introduction to the

Location: Algeria, 1957





Left - Akila, Center - Kathryn, Right - Ouarda (pronounced warda)
This photo has been included because it shows nurses in their secondary role, as a combatant.
Akila was the head of the nursing unit. Ouarda is holding an automatic weapon. After setting up the camera for Yusuf Bensid he was asked to point and shoot.


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Title: A Field Interview

Location: Algeria, 1957





Left - Lakhdar, Center - Akila, Right - Yusuf Bensid.
Lakhdar held the rank of Lieutenant and was second in command. Four years later Lakhdar introduced Kathryn to A. Bouteflika, whom she interviewed and photographed. A. Bouteflika is the current President of Algeria. Akila is shown holding a microphone in her hand and recording their conversation.
Yusuf Bensid was Kathryn's guide and interpreter.

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Title: Algerian women arrive
early to vote

Location: Algeria, 20 Sep 1962





A powerful image of women waiting for the doors to open and cast their vote in the first election since independence. A woman dressed in European clothing stands out, almost defiantly, among other women dressed in traditional clothing.



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Title: Shampoo in the maquis

Location: Algeria, 1957





Center - Ouarda
Ouarda was the newest member of the unit. Here she takes advantage of an opportunity to wash her hair. Everyone else in the unit had grown accustomed to long periods of time before finding it necessary to bath. In the field, bathing becomes a time consuming luxury.

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Title: ALN on Parade
in Tunisia

Location: Tunisia, 1957





This photograph was taken as a double exposure, the effect is quite spectacular. This area was a sanctuary from pursuit by the French. The Parade was formed to impress the journalists, three platoons per section. The section is pictured with Yusuf Bensid as the flag bearer. Kathryn met with the Intelligence Officer and discovered that a French observation force was nearby and then spotted in the mountain in the background.

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Title: Return of Saadi to Casbah After Independence

Location: Algeria, Aug 1962

Right - Yacef Saadi
Yacef Saadi is known as the hero of the Battle of Algiers. This photograph was published in Jeune Afrique. Here he is shown pouring tea for himself and his Officers.


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