Photojournalist -A. Dennis Gaxiola
Exhibit 1 - Low Rider Bikes

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By placing lowrider bicycles in the context of an art gallery, this exhibition attempts to bring attention to low bikes as an important art form and cultural icon. When an ordinary object such as a bike begins to circulate “within the system of Art it acquires a depth of meaning, a breadth of importance” that can help focus attention on the interpretative richness of cultural practices that many of us simply take for granted. What is fascinating about lowrider bicycles is precisely their ability to move back and forth across the line that divides fuction from form, the ordinary from the extra-ordinary, the mundane from the sublime, and everyday life from Art. More importantly, lowrider bikes remind us of our ability as humans to invest objects and ordinary life with meaning.

Maribel Alvarez - Director, San Jose Center For Latino Arts


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