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Enjoy various types of exhibits presented here in the Galeria. Presented for your enjoyment and to give you a glimpse into the world of art created by experts in their fields. Learn about events that have influenced the exhibitors lives from their interviews in the Press Room and then see the influences manifested in their exhibits in the Galeria.

Planned Exhibits

The year 2002 will be kicked off by the following exhibits: "Wearable Art" is the theme of the exhibits that will be showcased throughout the months of February, March, and April. The items in this exhibit are of such quality that they are intended for display in designer boutiques or art galleries. Yet, these one-of-a -kind items are being purchased and worn for all occasions. A "Computer Art" exhibit and a woodcarving exhibit will also be featured in March.

Look for a featured photo exhibit in April titled "Low Rider Bikes". This exhibit will be enjoyed by young people and those looking for new expressions in the world of art.

The Galeria will bring you exhibits from around the world and from across town courtesy of MMPublishing.




A. Dennis Gaxiola
Kathryn Degraff

Ramona Bryant
Diane Cash
Barbara Scoles

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