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Photojournalists' Exhibits

The photojournalist tells a story in a photograph. Anyone can capture a moment in time with a camera, fewer are able to capture an important moment in time, the professional photographer is able to tell a story for that important moment and capture it for all time. Presented here in the Galeria, exhibits from many such important moments.


Exhibit: Latino Role Models
Exhibit: Low Rider Bikes      New

A short biography: A. Dennis Gaxiola

An accomplished professional photographer for over thirty years. He has worked on photographic projects for brochures, television commercials, calenders, political campaigns, events, and public relations. As an accomplished portrait photographer he has been published in magazines and newspapers and his work has been exhibited and featured at the Center for Latino Arts in San Jose, California. He was invited to participate in a solo exhibition with the theme "Evironmental Portraits" at San Jose City College. He studied Photojournalism at San Jose State University and specializes in editorial photography, public relations and advertising.
Read the interview titled: The Business of Photography.


Sneak Preview: In Search of Amber      Available Now

A short biography: Kathryn Degraff

Kathryn was a photojournalist for the New York Times, a United Nations
Speaker, and the first woman reporter to enter the Algerian Underground, during its revolution for freedom from the French government. She has interviewed and photographed A. Bouteflika, the President of Algeria, taught english in Turkey, worked aboard sea vessels to see the world, and been a lifetime spokesperson for the use of natural oils in the perfume industry. She speaks French, has lifetime teaching credentials, holds a masters degree in History of Education. Her areas of expertise and interest lie in the Middle East and North Africa.
The publication of her book In Search of Amber will culminate her lifelong quest which began as a graduate student in search of a topic to satisfy the thesis requirement for her doctoral degree.
Read the interview titled:
Reporting the First Years of Algerian Independence.



A. Dennis Gaxiola
Kathryn Degraff

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