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Interviews in English

Interview with Jennifer Colby A Sense of Place

Exerpt from the interview: Although drawn to her scientific studies enjoying doing biological illustrations and especially marine biology, her focus changed when she had the opportunity to visit art museums in Europe. She started using her art to express her political views.

Interview with Dennis Gaxiola The Business of Photography

Exerpt from the interview: I met a fellow San Jose State student, Sonny Madrid, he was a bit of an activist on campus. One day Sonny approached me to see if I would be interested in taking photographs for a magazine that he wanted to promote. I asked him what kind of magazine, he answered that it was a magazine for and about low riders. At some point I accepted his proposition and "Low Rider" Magazine was born. ...Low Rider Magazine has been called the most successful Latino publication in the country.

Interview with Linda Murdock Going to the Dogs

Exerpt from the interview: Whatever happened to Linda's mentor? As life would have it, Coralyn never had any children of her own. Linda has been travelling back and forth to Santa Barbara making sure that the caregiver she hired and Coralyn's finances and home care are in order; for without this wonderful woman, who is now in her 80's and virtually lives in her own little world, Linda may not be whom we respectfully refer to as "TopDog" of Happy Dog Food. As Linda says, "the circle goes around."

Interview with Glenda Mays I'm Still the Same Person!

Exerpt from the interview: "I wanted to start a support group locally so that other people with MS can get together and validate their fears, aches and disease with others who are going through the same thing." "I pretty much went through my realization and research alone" admitted Glenda. "It would be so much easier for people to have others who understand and don't judge."

Interview with Eugene Longoria Getting kids excited about writing

Exerpt from the interview: "I teach Social Studies and Language Arts at the Utterback Fine Arts Magnate Middle School in Tuzon Arizona. On the first day of school many teachers are so excited about teaching their subject that they begin instruction right away. I spend almost three weeks getting kids excited about coming into my classroom."

Interview with Charles and Shirley Sedgwick The Grandfather
of Zoo Medicine

Exerpt from the interview: Charles was the Project Veterinarian for the NASA space program for primates (Monkeys in Space Program) in 1969. Test monkeys were used in a ground control group, as well as, in space flight prior to sending a man into space.

Interview with Cheryl Barbero Managing a Family Crisis

Exerpt from the interview: On the day of her accident the emails started. Over 223 emails and 7 months later, what appeared to be a small family communicating with each other has become a nationwide phenomenon.

Interview with Don Elkins Growing My Own Field to Play In

Exerpt from the interview: When he retired from the military, he had to find a new line of work. So, he reached back to one of those seeds that had been planted back when he was eleven years old and decided to open up a Barbecue place. He knew what it took to barbecue Central Texas style.

Interview with Gary Thomas A Talent is a Gift on Loan and Should be Developed to Share

Now that music is fun again for Gary, last year he and a fellow band member were given the opportunity to sit in with David LaFlamme of It's a Beautiful Day (famous for song "White Bird" in the 1960's) for performances in The Pokenose in New York, Woodstock and Alexandria Virginia. "I've always admired David LaFlamme's music and playing with him and his group was a great thrill,"

Interview with Carol Jensen Creation Begins With Need

Exerpt from the interview: Carol's grandfather, Luhr Jensen's primary goal during the depression was to feed his family. He owned an apple orchard but couldn't even give away his apples, less sell any. Food was hard to come by, so one day, her grandfather thought he would try his luck at fishing at the Hood River. The only thing he had to make fishing lures was his Model T's front bumper.

Interview/Sneak Preview Kathryn Degraff Reporting the First Years of Algerian Independence

Exerpt from Interview/Sneak Preview: For the graduate student from California, this moment was the realization of a dream that had begun two years earlier at Berkeley when she had decided to write her Ph.D. dissertation on the Algerian Revolution. Little did she realize then that she was on the threshold of a quest that is still continuing to this day.

Interview Barbara Scoles All the Good in People

Exerpt from Interview: When Barbara is asked what Santa Claus means to her, she responds "All the good in people." She says that Santa Claus is nurturing, giving, elegant, and wise. Barbara, unknowingly, has all of the same qualities and in her own way she provides the world with reminders of  "All the good in people."



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