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Alice  by Kathlyn Klindt

You'll be left with a tearful smile as the author shares her story with you. Then you may decide to thank someone who has been extra special in your life in a very special way. This MultiMedia Presentation includes the Alice Theme Song, audio sounds depicting the theme of the page, graphics and images. Listen to the Alice Theme Song on line.

The Licola Dump  by Richard Magno Available Soon

The Licola Dump is a story that takes place in Naples Italy. It is a story of an American family's three year stay in Italy. The author was in the military during this three year adventure. This, however, would be no ordinary assignment. Destiny played a role, you see, his ancestry is Italian on both sides of his family. His father immigrated to the USA via the Merchant Marine, spoke several languages and dialects, is said to have danced with Rita Hayworth on a regular basis, and that he single handedly, thwarted a cable car accident in San Francisco. Yet, his "familia" had remained relatively unknown; there would be a first meeting.

Life in Naples was more than a mere adjustment, it was a bit like forcing a square peg into a round hole. This original real-life story is fun to read and makes you relive your own travel experiences. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to travel abroad, this story will help you to prepare.



Multi Media Story
Kathlyn Klindt

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