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The art of story telling includes a faithful reproduction of actual events each time the story is told. It may be told in several different ways so that it is interesting no matter how many times you hear it. A good story teller always leaves you wanting more.

Story telling, the interview and the MultiMedia story

Some of the interviews have been previously submitted to other publications by MMPublishing, others are being published for the first time. Most of the interviews are about people who have done extraordinary things or are extraordinarily interesting, while some are more unique than extraordinary.

Interviews and MutiMedia stories are always available from the Press Room. Interviews are currently available in english, spanish, and french. Some stories are intended for a specific audience and are available only in one language. The MultiMedia stories are currently available in english only.

MultiMedia stories are downloadable from this site and can be viewed on your computer monitor. Some stories require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the stories others require the use of a Web Browser, still others may require the use of both. Both are available for free and usually already installed on each computer.



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